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Not accompanied by another or others; solitary. 2. a. Consisting of one part, aspect, or section: a single thickness; a single serving. b. Singleness - definition of singleness by The Free Dictionary "his singleness of purpose" assiduity, assiduousness, single-mindedly; single-mindedness; singleness; single-parent; single-party; single more


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6/18/2016 · But with that same single-mindedness of purpose, he refuses to eat until he has explained to the family why he has come and what has happened to him on the way (verses 28-49). Rebekah’s father and brother agree that he can take her to be Isaac’s wife – no doubt impressed by the costly gifts that he has brought with him – and once again more


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single-mindedness. Contexts . . The action or power of focusing all one's attention. The condition of being determined. The state, or an act, of stubbornness or doggedness. Extreme ideas or actions. Energy, enthusiasm, and initiative. Tireless commitment. more


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adjective. Concentrating on only one aim. ‘the single-minded pursuit of profit’. More example sentences. ‘Once a field of interest has been chosen, dedication and single-minded pursuit of excellence is boundless.’. ‘Julien approaches life and love like the video game hero, with determination and a single … more


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‘That stubborn single-mindedness sustained him in his ascent and his struggles in Suharto's system, and gave him his charisma.’ ‘And the scale of the spending spoke of the single-mindedness of purpose.’ ‘And he did it Terzani fashion, with great single-mindedness and certainty and resolution.’ more


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Single-mindedness; Single-mindedness. The Convicted Soldier Sermonette by Ted E. Bowling. cares of life- making a living and being concerned with our security- have the tendency to deflect us from our real purpose- seeking God's Kingdom (Matthew 6:33) Becoming overburdened with devotion to wealth or surfeiting will cause us to lose our more


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Dangers of purpose. Systems have a tendency to produce exactly and only what you ask them to produce. Single-mindedness can easily lead to groupthink with a single way of seeing the world. Someone who gives others an objective may think that his or her job is done. more


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2/11/2003 · Yet a bit of single-mindedness is always a good thing. That's why one of the materials used in the Mishkan was the hide of a tachash. According to the Jerusalem Talmud, the tachash was a gloriously colored animal that was created specifically to be used in the making of the Mishkan — it did not exist before that moment, and has not existed since. If the purpose of creation is to make "home … more


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Antonyms for single-mindedness. 5 words related to single-mindedness: firmness of purpose, resoluteness, resolve, firmness, resolution. What are synonyms for single-mindedness? more


Single-mindedness - definition of single-mindedness by The

Single-minded definition and meaning | Collins English more


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Single Mindedness Of Purpose, Site De Rencontre Pour Adolescent Canada, Single Männer Halle Saale, Rencontre Sur Lillers more


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“This was genius at close quarters, and genius had that something above normal in it that was a great strain upon the ordinary mind and feeling. All five were different from each other, yet each had that curious quality of burning intensity, the single-mindedness of purpose that … more


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An unbending intention, a single-mindedness of purpose that promises to overcome all obstacles, regardless of how you may feel at any particular moment. more


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1/28/2019 · Define single-mindedness: It is an adjective meaning: 1) Determined 2) Having one overriding purpose or goal. 3) Steadfast; resolute. Now let's define focus. 1) The concentration of attention or energy on something. The opposite of this would be "absent-minded", "scattered", or … more


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single-mindedness | definition: characterized by one unified purpose | synonyms: resolve, firmness, resoluteness, firmness of purpose, resolution| antonyms more


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What does single-minded mean? Steadfast; resolute. (adjective) He was single-minded in his determination to stop smoking. more


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3/21/2021 · Someone who is single-minded has only one aim or purpose and is determined to achieve it. They were effective politicians, single-minded in their pursuit of political power.a single-minded determination to win. Synonyms: determined, dogged, fixed, … more


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te·nac·i·ty Noun synonyms: persistence, pertinacity, determination, perseverance, doggedness, tenaciousness, single-mindedness, strength of will, firmness of more


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10/31/2018 · For those who aren’t completely sure what single-minded means, the Merriam-Webster online page defines it as “having one driving purpose or resolve” with synonyms like; decisive, determined, intent, purposeful and resolve. She starts off her speech with giving us a little background about herself while tying it into her main argument. more


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Single-minded definition is - having one driving purpose or resolve : determined, dedicated. more


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single-mindedness meaning: 1. the quality of being very determined and thinking only about achieving a particular thing: 2…. Learn more. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus more


Single-minded | Definition of Single-minded by Merriam-Webster

Single-mindedness is then a dogged focus on the universal that disparages the particular. And if we understand single-mindedness in this way, with Doull, then we can start to note its appearance in South Asian traditions as well — most clearly in Śaṅkara’s Advaita Vedānta. For Śaṅkara as for Plato and Mao, everything of significance more



(From Forerunner Commentary) Leviticus 1:10 The male goat represents strong-mindedness, singleness of purpose, and leadership rather than following. Interestingly, Scripture does not view the goat in nearly as good a light as a sheep. more